After more than six months in the studio, it's finally time to see what one of the most reputed norwegian artists is capable of, and good for. Sofian has allready been booked for the greatest norwegian festivalss ( Quart, Molde, Kongsberg, Stavern... ), been on the cover of magazines and newspapers such as "Natt&Dag" and "Aftenposten", all in adition to releasing the hot radio hit- singles "She Wants To Know" and "Lovely". Sofian has also been the main attraction in the Oslo- prize and been one of the head- liners on the P3- tour. Sofian' s debut- album was released in September 2005.

Sofian Benzaim, born in 1980 in Oran in Algeria, came to Norway at the age of four. He' s been in love with music all his life, but it wasn't until he reached the age of 16 that he finally decided to start thinking about building a career within music. At the time being, he was a vocalist at a band called "Breaking Sources" with his friend Orji Okoroafor. At this time he did several collaborations with other members of Afrikan Youth In Norway and also played a part in The R.I.S.E. Project, working predominantly with material produced by Brotha Buntu. But it wasn' t until last year, however, that he came in touch with the icelendic star- producer Hitesch Ceon and the norwegian production- team Vibez (Jonny Sjo and Kim Ofstad), that things really started to happen. By the end of six months, they had recorded 15 tracks, where- of 12 tracks are to be found on the album "This Is Sofian".

Sofian is also going on a big- city tour in the occation of his album- release. With him, live on stage, are the previously mentioned Hitesch, Jonny and Kim, in addition to a second keyboard- player (besides Hitesch), a company of three horn- players and three back- up vocalists. Sofian is a soul- singer with a lot in common with his "musical heroes" Prince, D' Angelo, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. He is very focused on giving the record a live sound, and his prime objective is to bring with him this live sound out on the road. We hope you can join us in building and supporting the undoubtedly most talented soul- artist in Norway.



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